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Solar Sound™ 2

The Devotec Industries Solar Sound™ 2 Bluetooth® Speakers are light and portable while still being able to produce a deep, clear sound. With integrated bluetooth, they can be connected wirelessly to most of the latest phones, including the iPhone (with use of the iPhone 3.0 or above software). The Solar Sound™ 2 speakers have an integrated solar panel for charging in sunny areas, and a 3.5mm connector for use with music sources that do not have bluetooth (cable supplied).

These speakers are ideal for travel. They are lightweight and can easily be carried in a backpack.

The Solar Sound™ 2 is fully compatible with the iPhone 4 see this review at


  • 2x 2W speakers for proper stereo sound
  • Wireless connectivity to any Bluetooth® phone or MP3 player supporting the A2DP and AVRCP profiles
  • Plug into any standard headphone jack with the included 3.5mm headphone retractable cable
  • Built in Mic for hands free communication when paired with a suitable phone
  • Large solar panel for charging the built in Lithium-Ion 1600mAh battery
  • Up to 10 hours continuous play time via Bluetooth® from the battery and and can even play from no battery on a sunny day!
  • Touch-screen panel for remotely controlling your music, including Fast Forward and Rewind buttons, as well as Volume Control
  • Gold Plated audio connectors and silver coated, oxygen free copper speaker cabling
  • Line out function for streaming music over bluetooth to a hi-fi
  • Includes protective case, AC/DC plug and charging cable
  • Charging time: from 4 hours by AC/USB, about 12-24 hours from solar panel
  • Small Dimensions: 16.5 x 5.5 x 5.5cm
  • Weight: 320g (not including pouch or accessories).
  • PowerBoost function

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Video demonstrations

devotec fuel2 solar sound 2 iphone4

Watch the video for a demonstration of connecting the iPhone 4 to the Solar Sound™ 2 speakers.

devotec fuel2 solar sound 2 ipad

Watch the video for a demonstration of connecting the iPad to the Solar Sound™ 2 speakers.

devotec fuel2 solar sound 2 loudness

Watch the video for a demonstration of the volume from the Solar Sound™ 2 speakers.

devotec fuel2 2withBBC

Comments from some of our Reviews


    the sound is clear, crisp and well balancedthis versatile little box of tricks is well worth the money

    the sound is clear, crisp and well balancedthis versatile little box of tricks is well worth the money

    We connected our iPhone 4 to the Solar Sound™ 2 with no problems, and playback sounded incredible.This is one of the most flexible portable speakers we have seen, and one we highly recommend

    a great gadget that has multiple functions as well as ease of use and excellent sound qualityI've used my fair share of portable speakers, but I've never used a set as great as the Solar Sound™ 2.

    Devotec's Solar Sound™ 2 is probably the best portable speaker for travel currentlyI've used the Solar Sound™ 2 for days without having to charge it over USB, the sunlight has kept this thing going and going

    The sound quality is much better on the SS2represents a significant step forward from the last edition

    No cables, no electricity and awesome music!Yes, these Solar Sound™ 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers are a good option as portable speakers to produce excellent quality audio.

    really blows away most of the cheaper competition completelyThe twin speakers really are loud, which probably results from the really solid heft of the case, this is not one of those nasty lightweight plasticy portable speaker units.

    Devotec's Solar Sound™ is a nifty little gadget for outdoor weather music.


Watch a video review of our Solar Sound™ 2

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  • Acoustically optimised bass-reflex speaker cabinets
  • High quality audio componentry
  • Audio circuits optimised for signal quality
  • Use of higher quality Bluetooth® BC5 audio chip
  • Capable of higher volume levels
  • Bluetooth® sound quality much improved
  • Larger 40mm speakers
  • Inclusion of line-out audio connnector.
  • Use of higher quality woven speakers
  • Larger battery
  • Improved solar charging performance
  • Better build quality
  • Use of gold plated connectors
  • Use of silver coated oxygen free copper cabling for the speakers
  • New matt finish
  • Higher quality pouch & packaging
  • PowerBoost function
  • Front facing mic

Sharing your music is easy - here's how

sharing manual

Read through our virtual guide for step by step instructions on using your Solar Sound™ 2.

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