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Fuel Micro Charger 2nd Generation

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Amazing tech-packed keyring

But Fuel is the ‘smallest’ thumb-sized emergency back-up charger, weighing in at just 20 grams with a 400mAh internal battery to give an extra hour of talk time – and it charmingly looks like a jerry can.


Reservekanister für Smartphones

Fuel Micro Charger 2nd generation is the 2015 Top Product Editors choice on http://www.getupcoming.com.

Geek Junior (France)



Gadget Flow

Fuel Micro Charger 2

If your iPhone often runs out of charge while you’re on the go, you need not worry anymore with the Fuel Micro Charger 2 in your pocket.

Games n Gadgets

Fuel Micro Charger 2 for iPhone

The Devotec Fuel Micro Charger is the smallest emergency phone charger with a lightning connector compatible with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus, MFi certified.

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Amazing tech-packed keyrings

This is one of the smallest iPhone chargers on the planet. But as the saying goes good things do come in small packages.

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Fuel Micro Charger 1st Generation

Mehr Akku-Power

Laden Ihr Smartphone mit dem Fuel Micro Charger platzsparend wieder auf.

Mehr Akku-Power fürs Smartphone ganz einfach am Schlüsselbund

The Coolector London

Devotec Fuel Charger

The Devotec Fuel Charger, somewhat brilliantly, takes the form of a miniature Jerry can and will provide that extra surge of battery life for your smartphone when its on its last legs.

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Review: Devotec Micro USB Charger (with Lightning Converter)

With the ever increasing reliance in the devices we carry with us everyday the chances of them going flat at a critical moment is almost a certainty.


Devotec Fuel Claims to Be the World's Smallest Phone Charger

"Size doesn't matter," or at least that's what Devotec, the developer of the world's smallest phone charger, seems to think.


Devote's Micro Charger For Extra Talk Time!

Devotec Fuel Micro USB charger will provide the user with enough power to charge up the phones battery providing up to thirty minutes of talk time


Best portable battery: 10 top portable batteries for smarthphones and tablets

It's only good for a tiny charge; this novelty charger for Android phones and Kindles is all about the look. Shaped like a jerry-can and features a micro USB tip that needs to be 'poured' into a smartphone.

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London's best smarthphone chargers

Never be without your smartphone again with these emergency chargers. Just pop in your bag and plug in if your phone dies on the way home. Also the top menu in the home page is still to close to the logo, and when the mouse in over any of the tabs it shifts to the right. This menu has to be aligned with the flags.

Best portable battery pack

Devotec Fuel Micro Charger

This cute device can fit in your keychain. It features a micro-USB port so there is no need for you to carry your USB cable around.


Devotec Fuel portable phone charger

Not only is it shaped like a fuel can, it offers between 20 and 30 minutes of extra call time from one charge of the 22mAh battery.

A Geeks Perspective


Your phone is dying and you just need a little more juice! We get upset because we didn’t charge it enough or bring a power-pack, but that’s where this particularly cute micro charger is everything! Devotec’s Fuel micro charger is the worlds smallest rechargeable external battery!

Solar Sound™ 2 Reviews

Kip Kay's Top 5 Gadgets of 2010

Solar Sound 2 reviews starts on 3:30 mark

This is the perfect solution for listening to music wirelesly!I tested the Solar Sound 2 and it picked up my iPhione music in the other end of the house. Wireless music has never been easier.

Solar Sound 2, Bluetooth, Solar Speaker

...setting up is as easy as switching on the speaker and enabling Bluetooth setting on your phone.range: About 10 meters in open space!

iPodTouchHelping - DevoTec Solar Sound 2

Everything about it I like. A lot louder than I thought it would be. Really cool.

Devotec Solar Sound 2 with HTC Evo 4G Review/Demo Speaker Volume

Very smallpretty loud for such a little device

The Financial Times

Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speaker

If you're traveling seriously light on a business trip or are just very eco-minded... this neat solar-powered stereo speaker will not only fulfill your entertainment requirements but won't involve carrying a charger unit or lead.


Ten Essential Travel Speakers - Devotec Solar Sound 2

the sound is clear, crisp and well balancedthis versatile little box of tricks is well worth the money


10 High-Style Speakers for Small Spaces

...designed to wirelessly connect to your MP3 player using Bluetooth, and it has an integrated solar panel that allows it to be charged in sunlight.

Amazon Customer Review

A fantastic device in a small package

I am surprised that so much was able to be place in such a small device. This speaker is really cool....you will be surprised at how much sound this little wonder puts out.I'm very happy with this product and I congratulate Devotec for such a nice device.


Solar sound 2 portable speakers

With punchy bass and wispy trebles, the Solar Sound raises the bar in what to expect from travel speakers. Crucially the speakers look sexy...and they encapsulate plenty of 21st century wow-factor to boot.


The Solar Sound 2 Portable Speaker

The sound is actually rather amazing, and I couldn't think of a better way of providing music to your nearest and dearest, whilst out and about doing your favourite things.


Review: Solar Sound 2 Bluetooth speakers

It offered crisp quality and decent bass with hardly any distortion even when played at its maximum volume, which was enough to fill even a large room....it's small enough to pop in your bag of you're traveling or heading to the beach or the park.


go green with solar-powered Devotec Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are common gadget today but one that's powered by Solar isn't something you see everydaySolar Sound 2 from UK firm, Devotec, fuses the goodness of Bluetooth wireless streaming with solar technology.


Portable Solar Bluetooth Speakers

Solar Bluetooth Speakers are really one of a kind allowing you to listen to the music wirelessly from your Bluetooth devices


Solar Sound 2, Sustainable Music

...setting up is as easy as switching on the speaker and enabling Bluetooth setting on your phone.range: About 10 meters in open space!


Don't Suffer In Silence

With the Solar Sound 2 by Devotec you will never be without your love of music.the Solar Sound 2 is way more than adequate to handle your portable sound needs.


Devotec Solar Sound 2 speaker

...there's more to the Devotec Solar Sound 2 than just environmentally friendly power.The Bluetooth-enabled speaker connects to your music player, laptop or other audio device and allows you to bring your music on the go.


Devotec Industries Solar Sound 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Gloriously simple piece of kitsurprisingly good quality sound for its size


Devotec Industries Solar Sound 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

An innovative speaker system with a green conscience to itA flexible and high quality unique product, great for use on a beach, a camping trip or at a barbeque. Wonderfully simple to use and set up, with surprisingly good quality sound for its size. Gloriously simple piece of kit.


Two different ways to listen to your MP3 collection

it rocks with a sound that'll fill your roomit packs in a backpack ready to go anywhere your travel takes you


Solar Product Reviews and News The Solar Angels Blog

it certainly feels at home in the company of Apple's iDevices.a good deal in our opinion.


Solar Product Reviews and News The Solar Angels Blog

The Solar Sound 2 is a slick new device that is perfect for a day at the beachA true upgrade


Devotec Solar Sound 2 - Solar-powered Bluetooth Speakers

The quality of sound from the speakers is exceptionally goodI tested the speakers with Spotify, iTunes and internet radio. The quality was excellent with all of them.


Devotec Solar Sound 2 Solar Powered Mobile Speaker

Devotec's Solar Sound 2 is probably the best portable speaker for travel currentlyI've used the Solar Sound 2 for days without having to charge it over USB, the sunlight has kept this thing going and going


Sound 2 Review: Bluetooth Speaker From Devotec

We connected our iPhone 4 to the Solar Sound 2 with no problems, and playback sounded incredible.This is one of the most flexible portable speakers we have seen, and one we highly recommend


Devotec Solar Sound 2 Review: A Great Self-Powered Speaker

The sound quality is much better on the SS2represents a significant step forward from the last edition


super cool solar powered Bluetooth speaker really delivers

really blows away most of the cheaper competition completelyThe twin speakers really are loud, which probably results from the really solid heft of the case, this is not one of those nasty lightweight plasticy portable speaker units.


Devotec Solar Sound 2 Stereo BlueTooth Speakers

a great gadget that has multiple functions as well as ease of use and excellent sound qualityI've used my fair share of portable speakers, but I've never used a set as great as the Solar Sound 2.


"That WAS fast. Got it today! Thanks!"

Scott, MO US

Thanks a lot...what an excellent customer service....

Dino, CA USA

thanks for all your answers, i received the solar sound this morning and it's working !
i live in the country, south west of france, and 3 days for delivery, that was fast.

thank you and best regards.

Nicolas, France

"I love your product. Very thing works great with my solar sound with the updates for iPad."

Chris, USA

"I have recieved my replacement Solar Sound 2, and i want to thank you for the speedy replacement.

The customer service at Devotec Industries is great!! Keep up the good work. Thanks again."

Greggory, USA

"Did the normal Google thing looking for speakers for my HTC EVO so I could stream music to my desk during the day. This product is the perfect match ... bluetooth, solar powered, great volume and sound quality.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product ... excellent quality."

William C, USA

"...it works fine and I am very happy with it, has a nice sound and got it to work via bluetooth for my phone very easily.

Yep I am very happy with them, and I have had quite a few portable speakers in my time."

David, UK

"I purchased the original Solar Sound speakers from you guys and it has been my absolute most favorite speaker purchase ever! So much in fact Ive recommended to several friends and family members! Imagine my excitement when I saw there was a Solar Sound 2!!!!!!"

Jon, USA

"I just got your Solar Sound 2 speaker & love it! High quality sound and it gets loud! It's working perfectly w/ Bluetooth. :-)"

Dina J, USA

"performed like a champ with just some sun on my windowsill. very cool."

Mark C Millburn, NJ, USA

"thank you so much for the solar sound 2 and i appreciate your great customer service!

will be keeping an eye on what other products you guys come up with."

Teika, New Zealand

"I am very happy with the speaker and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a device like this.
Kind regards"

Darren, UK.

"a great product which will be useful on holiday."

Dylan H, UK.

"Thank you for the new solar sound ! I received it some time ago and it is working well."

Sebastian, Brazil

"I do a lot of online shopping from all types of sites, big and small.
Let me tell you that the customer service that you have provided via your quick replies to all my emails with all answers to my questions has been the best online purchase experience I have ever had.
P.S. I love the Solar Speaker2!"

Paul, Canada

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with my Solar Sound 2 - great bit of kit!
Thank you,"

David M, United Kingdon

Android Central Forums - HTC Android Devices - HTC EVO 4G

"Evo+ Rockplayer+ Solar Sound 2 equals a mini imaX.

Before, I just rocked my iphone earbuds, but this little thing is all I need now."

Marine0816 - Tarique, USA

"I have tested the Solar Sound throughout the week-end. It's really excellent!
Small and handy, cool design, enough volume and excellent sound quality: I don't know, how I could BBQ without it before :-)!"

Christophe K, Switzerland

Solar Sound™ 2 News

Solar Sound™ 2 Press

Press Release

News: For Immediate Release May 25th 2010

Pioneering Music Mobility with a Green Conscience:

A complete upgrade of the first solar powered Bluetooth Stereo Speakers worldwide.

The new and improved Solar Sound 2 portable speakers launches today, thanks to leading independent consumer technology company, Devotec Industries.

Devotec has worked hard to build upon the success of the original Solar Sound, a compact, portable stereo speaker system, that can play music wirelessly via bluetooth while charging its battery from the integrated solar panel.

The new Solar Sound 2 has been re-designed from the ground up, primarily to offer even better sound quality, with a louder maximum volume and less distortion at higher volume levels. Sound quality has been improved by the use of specialty woven speaker cones, silver plated oxygen free copper speaker cabling and a more efficient power circuit to get even more juice to the amp and speakers. This sets the Solar Sound 2 apart not only from laptop and Mp3 speakers, but also from the low response of traditional portable stereo speakers.

Flexibility is key, and the Solar Sound 2 now has an integrated line-out function, as well as its super simple set up procedure that can have people streaming music from their phones in seconds. Playing music from a traditional headphone/3.5mm jack is even better now, as all connectors on the unit itself and the included external cabling are gold plated, leading to enhanced music playback when using the cable option.

With the larger integrated battery, playing time should be a healthy 5-10hours dependent on volume. But the best part is that with the embedded solar panel and efficient charging system, the unit can play continuously when in the sun, even if the battery hasn't got any charge.

Compatibility works like a charm, as the Solar Sound 2 works with almost every model of phone that has bluetooth and the A2DP profile; iPhones, Nokias, blackberries and more.

Designed with travel in mind, it boasts a compact size (16.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm), light weight (280g/0.5lbs) and a 3.5mm retractable cable for added connectivity; an AC-DC plug and charging cable. Furthermore, the units sleek design offers additional features such as modern touch screen remote controls, including forward, rewind and volume, in addition to a built in microphone allowing it to be used for hands free communication when driving.

Alex Devoto, Devotec Industries founder and CEO, said: "We really listened to what reviewers and customers had to say about the original Solar Sound. We took that advice (special thanks to John R and Steve J for their emails) and went back to the design stage trying to take all the things people had loved about the Solar Sound, but adding the extra features users asked for, as well as using even higher quality components that have become available since the Solar Sound design stage." Devoto continued: "We strive to stay one step ahead of the marketplace. We are engineers at heart and keep our eye on consumer trends to design products best set to meet the lifestyles of our customers." He finished: "With the majority of people storing their music on either their phone or iPod, the Solar Sound 2 responds to consumer demand for higher quality sound from portable music devices and laptops, and steps away from the "tinny" noise associated with direct laptop and phone speakers."

The unit, including a stylish protective case, is available from www.devotecindustries.com/solar-sound from today. Devotec Industries has ensured it continues to deliver quality and value with the Solar Sound 2 available at $99.99/£69.99, underpinning all current market offerings.

The Solar Sound 2 will become the must have travel accessory this summer.

-End -

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Devotec Industries

Set up in 2005, Devotec and its high quality, skilled team has grown to form one of the "ones to watch". The innovative, UK based consumer technology company demonstrates a passion for design, sustainability and meeting the needs of consumers worldwide. Continuing to deliver high quality, affordable products for todays modern gadget lover or person on the go.

Solar Sound™ Reviews

Solar Sound (Wireless Bluetooth, Solar-Powered Speakers) Review

Devotec Solar Sound Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

Coolest Product Ever! Solar Sound Bluetooth Stereo Speaker!


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